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Bernie Mac Original "Milk & Cookies"

Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Cookies Tapatalk. Jul 4, 1. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Mac gained popularity as a stand-up comedian. Hughley as The Original Kings of Comedy.

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His most noted film role was as Frank Catton in the remake Ocean's Eleven and the titular character of Mr. Mac suffered from sarcoidosis, a disease in which abnormal collections of chronic inflammatory cells granulomas form as nodules in multiple organs, particularly the lungs and lymph nodes.

Lung scarring or infection may lead to respiratory failure and death. Mac had said the condition was in remission in His death on August 9, was caused by complications from pneumonia. Jul 4, 2. One of the best to ever do it Macman. Jul 4, 3. Can't believe it's been almost 6 years. Jul 4, 4.

The Original Kings of Comedy

Bernie Mac was the man Jul 4, 5. I really liked his tv show, it was so cute. I recently re-watched everything and I was so stunned at the foreshadowing the last episode proved to be My heart gets tight when I think about it. He was a great comedian, but his show really made me a fan.

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Jul 4, 6. Uncle Bernie!!!!! Meet the frazzled, rumpled and eternally downtrodden everyguy — a disrespected-to-the-max role that Rodney Dangerfield played to a tee. His wife, his boss, his uncle, his shrink, his parents, the homeless guy he passes on the street, even the necktie he was constantly struggling with: no one was going to throw him a bone.

Dangefield essentially took a page out of the Henny Youngman one-liner playbook and threw out self-deprecating bombs one after the other.

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His cartoonish features made even more over-the-top when Dangerfield bulged his eyes from their sockets and broad New York accent only reinforced the idea that he had never and would never, ever get any you-know-what. In his magic moment, Eddie Murphy saw stand-up comedy transformed into a rock-star art. Sure, some comics were cool, but this stratospherically confident SNL breakout star strutted, preened and doused the audience in sex like Let It Bleed -era Mick Jagger. And those outfits?! The leather suits from famous concert films Raw and Delirious were so ostentatious, vivid and unbelievably tight that the specials are sometimes referred to by the color of suit he was wearing.

Some of Murphy's act from those days hasn't aged well, e. And certain bits, like the one about the ice cream man and the price of taunting less fortunate kids, will remain evergreen.

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Whimsical but not frivolous, erudite but not snobbish, polished but never above a proper bit of silliness, Eddie Izzard makes intelligent comedy, U. With a smirk always at the edge of his lips, Izzard lets his monologue spill downstream, swirling from eddy to eddy as he examines humankind's achievements, patterns and foibles.

You might leave an Izzard show with a history lesson or a new vocabulary word; you also might also just find out Darth Vader's favorite cafeteria dish penne alla arribiata, for the record or how the Church of England roamed the countryside asking "cake or death? Don Rickles is a rare comic who found his voice by actually ignoring his material.

In the late Forties, the man also known as "Mr.

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  • Warmth" and the "Merchant of Venom" discovered that his audiences connected more to the ad-libs he used to shut down hecklers than the jokes he'd written. Since then, the quick, sharp and unpredictable Rickles has plowed into his audiences, picking up on cues large and small and delivering little barbs "It's over, I'm a friend" to his targets. Eventually, his wicked wit hit their most important target in Frank Sinatra, who championed the comedian to famous friends and got him started in Vegas. With that wide, jack-o-lantern mug and a torrent of rapid-fire gags, Rickles created a template that insult comics have referred to since the s.

    This is how you do it right, hockey pucks. Using just a single prop or bit of costuming, Jonathan Winters could use his imagination, voice and the elastic mask of his face to create solo vignettes with well-defined characters and exchanges with actual punchlines. Playing a pilot or bass fish, impersonating Bing Crosby or JFK, or revisiting crowd favorites such as saucy Maude Frickert or hayseed Elwood Suggins, he was full of playful mischief and capable of delighting all ages of viewers. He was also an incredibly prolific comic who produced more than 20 albums and was nominated for a Grammy 11 times; unlike other legends of improvisation like Vegas staple Shecky Greene, Winters left a trail of performances that can testify to the talent that so inspired comics like Robin Williams.

    A lot of comedians try to knock their audiences out; Bob Newhart told them to lean in. The calm, mannered, imminently polite comic created a new sort of stand-up by envisioning himself the deadpan straight man in theatrical, two-sided conversations of which the audience is only able to hear one side. Characters at the other end of his conversations — like the madwoman behind the wheel in his driving instructor sketch — become abundantly clear.

    Yes, officer, she was just telling me about it. In many ways, the late Mitch Hedberg was inimitable. Giggling and happy-go-lucky, his genial stoner-dude persona was entirely charmed by the whimsical little absurdities he stumbled upon. Jokes like "When I was a boy, I laid in my twin-size bed and wondered where my brother was. He also paid a high degree of attention to syntax, and while some of his jokes bordered on dad material "Is a hippopotamus … just a really cool potamus?

    And his hit-to-miss-ratio was off the charts. Back when he was a stand-up, Albert Brooks was as interested in how comedy works as he was whether it worked. But more often that not, he was just as interested in giving some of the biggest laughs to you yes, you sitting at home. His record Comedy Minus One was just half of a routine with lots of dead air for you, the listener, to perform other half with the lines printed in an insert provided.

    When he popped up on the Tonight Show or the Flip Wilson Show, he'd do a set about a lack of material, hock a kit to encourage viewers doing impressions at home or play a ventriloquist who poured a glass of water over his dummy while he sang "Lady of Spain. He draws some of the largest crowds of any comedian in history — including his sell-out at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly for the "What Now? Digging into tales of family, marriage, fatherhood or memorable social interactions in the wider world, Hart just seems intent on making sense of things.

    He's entirely willing to be confused, doubtful and hurt; when he's not bounding around the stage repeating an earworm of a catchphrase "Alright alright alriiiiiiight! He has five specials, is busy being a movie star and the man still feels like he's got to hear the road every few years with stadium tours. Don't lose that hunger, Kevin.

    Motherhood isn't that hard. Fat shaming has its place. The planet needs a good plague. The wicked wizardry of Bill Burr's comedy begins with his outrageous premises; if his initial, egregious notions were all that a logical crowd heard, they'd understandably hate him.