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I understand that each project has its own config in the project directory but what I am after is to get the same list of projects to open when I launch IDEA under the new user as I did under the old user. Where is this list of projects stored? While each project has its own config contained within the project directory, what you really want is when you first launch IDEA to get the same list of projects to choose from as before and just copying project directories will not do that.

If your projects were in located in your old home directory, copy them into the new home directory and chown them to the new user. If they were located outside your old home directory, all you will need to do is chown them to the new user.

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Learn more about Teams. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. Active 5 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 13k times. Why don't you just copy the contents of your old home directory to your new one and then do a chown on all the files? Michael Michael 2, 18 18 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Here are three easy steps to do it: If your projects were in located in your old home directory, copy them into the new home directory and chown them to the new user.

Open your IDE and it looks identical as before. Thanks for the location of community edition prefs. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Copying is not needed unless you are on Mac.

Strange corporate policy stuff is afoot I think. By default, Windows 8 does not allow users to modify files in the Program Files directory for valid security reasons.

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In addition, when you open the config file using notepad, it's munged together with no line breaks. So you spend 10 minutes hitting a line return in front of every ' ' in order to read it, but can't save it once you modify it. No amount of manipulating in the UI allows you to change the default home directory and it always leads to a build error. JetBrains needs a more elegant solution to this that is not focused around working on a Mac.

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I am very new to Idea, but isn't it much easier for Windows Users to set user. As for "valid security reasons", any program you install can just grab admin rights and do whatever, there's no point to the security since it only bothers the user. Any half-baked programmer knows how to circumvent these things. This is purely a "you" and windows issue.

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B Can you imagine there are organizations on this planet banks, military, Therefore it is always convenient if the configuration of the tools can be outsourced to user space I find it easier to move configuration folder to another location SSD or another drive and just create a soft link pointing to it.

This way it's transparent to Intellij and there is no need to change the configs. But there should be more convenient way to fix "idea.

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I have a similar bus slightly different scenario. I need to have the project build directories for different projects stored in project-specific locations because of compartmentalization needs. Each project has a separate truecrypt volume with its data and so I need the source code to not "wander" when I build. Isn't there any way other than setting the entire system directory to re-point the build path?

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I suppose I could keep a separate idea. I guess I could also just have a completely separate CLion install per project inside the truecrypt container with the idea. It's a shame that something as simple as a project specific build space setting will likely be a deal breaker on being able to use it. This works well. The folder has about MB of files inside.

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This causes problems because the storage limit on my profile is only 15 MB How can I do this? Can you add another option called 'merge', or 'compare' which would offer me more control on what values to choose for individual properties? Problem solved. Serge: Thanks for the quick reply. The recommended way of settings VM options and properties is already at the very top of the article. How does this work with multiple products? JetBrains will work as probably each IDE will fight with the settings of the other.

Am I missing something here or is the proposal from above only suitable for a single product?

Or is there a product specific env variable available? Something like. Android Studio has issues accepting its new reality But maybe restart will fix that.

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Also, I added evn var for studio, edited idea.