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The browser can choose to:. The font-display property allows you to define which process is used in Firefox, Safari and Chromium-based browsers. The options:. Different fonts could use different settings. The font-display property is likely to be undefined or auto when using typefaces from repositories such as Google Fonts although changes to the API are being considered.

In most browsers, text will be invisible for several seconds FOIT.

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To implement FOUT-like loading, there are several libraries such as the Typekit webfontloader which use JavaScript to control how fonts are loaded. Most follow the same process and can be replicated with a few lines of code. First, a system fallback is defined as the primary font in CSS:. A further CSS declaration then overrides the default fallback font with the web font when the wt-active class appears:. A flash of unstyled text can be jarring when the fallback and web fonts are significantly different and cause a noticeable layout reflow.

The resulting replacement causes fewer problems when reading body text regardless of how long it takes to load the font:. Each font file has its own weight boldness , style italic slant , stretch, and variants.

The browser will attempt its own interpolations if you make adjustments in CSS without loading an associated font. Rendering will be slower, fonts may look worse, readability could be affected, or widths could be dramatically different and break layouts, e. The solution is to load a separate font file for every weight and style you require then explicitly set all styles accordingly, e.

However, loading separate font files for every variation of weight and style is rapidly becoming unnecessary…. OpenType 1. Rather than creating multiple files for each variation of the same typeface, variable fonts define minimum and maximum vector limits along an axis, e.

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Any font weight between these two extremes can now be interpolated. Amazingly, Futura was created way back in by a fellow named Paul Renner. The Moon.

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Beat that, Helvetica. Before exploring replacements for Futura, I should mention that you can use Futura on your website with the appropriate font stack.

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If a visitor to your site has Futura installed on their computer, you can take advantage of the situation by setting Futura at the top of your font stack. When you add on the web font alternatives below, just add them to the list directly after the Futura font declarations. Since only a small percentage of visitors will have the actual font installed, it introduces the possibility of inconsistencies in type rendering.

This font stack tries to use Futura or Futura Medium, then falls back to the Century Gothic font family. These Web fonts are free to use and will render more consistently for a broader range of users than relying on explicitly setting Futura in your CSS font stack. Open Sans has a few strong differences, such as the a and g style glyphs.

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    In Chrome and Firefox the font is rendered correctly, in Safari it's not rendered at all. Any ideas??? Here's what it looks like:. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Several people with similar issues in other forums recommended this: "If 'Open Sans Condensed' is installed on the computer, disable it in Font Book.

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