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So ping google. Looking at the man page for ping man ping ; under the -i wait option, we see that the default time between sending pings is 1 second:.

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The default is to wait for one second between each packet. So, using the default of sending 1 packet every 1 second, the options -t and -c will produce the same output. When we add in a fractional wait time of say, a half second, we should now get 12 packets sent within the 6 seconds:. Twelve responses as expected. Note, that you must run this as root ; per the man page for the -i wait option:. The wait time may be fractional, but only the super-user may specify values less than 1 second.

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Now, the -W option capital "W", not lowercase will be the equivalent to the Windows -w which specifies a wait time between receipt of the packets:. If a reply arrives later, the packet is not printed as replied, but considered as replied when calculating statistics.

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Your help would be appreciated. Antony Antony 2 2 bronze badges. A computer always reaches its own IP addresses through localhost. If it sent a packet to its MAC address, who would send that packet back to it?! Looks like Mountain lion issue but only in certain machines.

I confirm that I don't have stealth mode enabled in my firewall section. See our newsletter archive for past announcements. Register Login. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Was wondering if anyone here has ran into this… I'm running into a brick wall trying to get any Mac computer to fully connect to our VPN.

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  • I'm fresh out. This is also affecting Linux clients as I just found out. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. We've further narrowed down the problem… This affects Windows as well.

    Update 7/1/14: OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 is released, however ARP issue is still exist.

    Try enabling Duplicate connections on the server. Derelict : How are your users authenticating? They aren't sharing anything.

    This pretty much "just works. Derelict : Do you have something silly in your OpenVPN firewall rules, like only allowing connections from the first tunnel address? I found the issue…. Derelict : That'll do it. Loading More Posts 10 Posts. Reply Reply as topic.

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