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How to Start a Law Firm on a Mac

These insights led to the evolution of our current services. The tiered model means some things are included and others are not. Items such as Project work, training, after hours or emergency support, setting up new staff members, office moves, on-site support, for example, are rarely included, and therefore billed hourly. I found this tiered model often made clients feel they were being nickel and dimed.

The overall impact of this model ends up hurting your firm in several ways. First, one of the big benefits of Managed Services is being able to budget your IT costs. But if project work is not included, how can you budget accurately? The biggest problem this leads to is the delay of important projects that would be beneficial to the firm. For example, we have seen many firms fail when trying to roll out technical solutions on their own. Ultimately, the staff does not buy into the solution and it fails after the firm spent a LOT of money trying to get it off the ground. This leads to small issues developing into bigger issues.

Managed Services in the Apple world is a fairly new model, with less than all-Mac Managed Service Providers in the nation.

Which Mac Should You Buy?

This means many Mac-based law firms looking for a proactive support option often only come across Windows-based Managed Service Providers who claim they can support Macs. Because of this you will not receive the same caliber of support provided to their PC users. It is a step in the right direction, however, there is still a long way to becoming proficient at supporting Macs. I have heard many stories where the client ended up knowing more about Macs than the support person they are speaking with!

Talk about a horrible experience. If you are an all-Mac law firm, you need to do extra diligence if you are considering hiring on a Windows-centric IT company to support your firm. Not everyone out there is negligent in this area, but sadly I can say from experience that the majority are not able to fully support Macs. A Managed Services has some flaws, it is a huge step forward in becoming proactive in managing your technology.

Private firms from throughout North America — and as far reaching as American Samoa — running with a staff of — have relied on his expertise to help them put their IT headaches behind once and for all. On July 27, , When will Macs be a primary, native device for legal technology and tools? The answers are when the millennials take over, and when all software is web-based and in the cloud. First, the millennials are coming, and they love their Apple devices. Along with the fact that the younger generation will take over, web-based apps hosted in the cloud are leveling the playing field.

If Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox all interact with web apps the same way, the device distinctions no longer matter. After more than five years as a Biglaw litigation associate, Ed spent two years in New Delhi, India, overseeing and innovating legal process outsourcing services in litigation.

Ed now focuses on delivering new e-discovery solutions with technology managed services.

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You can contact Ed about ediscovery, legal managed services, expat living in India, theology, chess, ST: TNG, or the Chicago Bulls at edward. The views expressed in his columns are his own and do not reflect those of his employer, Thomson Reuters. Stephanie Wilkins. Sponsored Content. Legal Podcasts to Meet all your Buzzword Needs. Legal Talk Network.

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Above the Law. Do you have years of experience practicing at a major law firm and enough fluency in Thai to conduct business meetings with Thai companies? Contact us today. I literally have to have three browsers going sometimes: But now I can hear the crisp thump of a phonebook hitting flesh just fine! JK of course-kinda.

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Even given these setbacks, which took some serious time and effort to master, I would not switch from my kick ass Macbook Pro. The seamless synchronization of Word files in SkyDrive is completely effortless, and the work-usefulness of the ThinkPad is far beyond what my iPad 3 was. The media just is incapable of adequately covering transition periods. Great article. Time for an update please! Are your thoughts still the same today as they were 4 years ago??

Although right now, at this very moment, it is really hard to recommend a Mac. If you do decide you want a Mac, hold off.

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In I would also dial back my negative comments about Windows. Windows 10 is pretty great. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Grow your firm. By Sam Glover on March 7th, That said, there are some reasons why one or the other might suit you.

Using Macs, iPhones, & iPads in the Practice of Law

So I feel more qualified than ever to discuss which you ought to buy. Windows PC: Last updated December 6th, What's New. Todd Hendrickson says: March 8, at 8: Log in to Reply. Ben Smith says: March 8, at H Lime says: